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About Tel-World Ministries
Tel-World Ministries was formed as an unincorporated association on January 25, 1996. Our principal place of business is located at 882 E Coquina Drive, Florida 32117, and the phone number is (386) 252-5500. We have a 501(c)(3) classification from the Internal Revenue Service, and contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes. Our purpose is to save soul's worldwide by helping people discover more about God, which will help them understand the purpose for keeping His commandments.

Too Much Bad TV
Did you know that today the average American watches 50 hours of television a week, 10 hours more than the average work week. Perhaps more disturbing than the quantity of television watched is its destructive effect on the family. TV networks and cable companies will show almost anything to make money. How do you feel about school age and pre-school children being exposed to daytime TV shows where they see the soaps flagrantly showing scene after scene of sex or violence. How do you feel about talk shows featuring disfunctional families with people in the audience screaming at them.


Your Opinion Counts
What kind of quality programming would you like to see on TV?

Tel-World Ministries is committed to reaching more people with non-violent bible based programming while maintaining a non-denominational religious viewpoint on issues which affect individuals, families and communities worldwide. Tel-World Ministries immediate goal is to raise funds to purchase broadcast quality camera and editing equipment (see list) to produce educational non-violent programming with a biblical message.

You would watch that kind of programming wouldn't you? I'm sure you would want your children and grandchildren to watch that kind of programming also.

Tel-World Ministries also plans to maintain an office to lobby congress for laws reducing sex and violence on television in programs broadcast before 9:00 p.m.


Do you support an effort for Tel-World Ministries to contact congress for laws
 reducing sex and violence in programs broadcast before 9:00 p.m.?

 Yes, I support reducing sex and violence in programs broadcast before 9:00 p.m.

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Tax Deductible Donations
We realize that everyone can't get out there to physically help, so the next best way to help out is with a donation.

We have been approved by the IRS as an exempt organization having 501(c)(3) status. This means that you can donate funds or goods to Tel-World Ministries and legally deduct their fair market value on your individual or business income tax return. See IRS Publication 526 - Charitable Contributions


Please help us with your donation

Tel-World Ministries
882 E Coquina Drive
Daytona Beach, Florida 32117
Telephone (386) 252-5500

Thank You For Helping Us To Help Others ! ! !


Merchandise Donations
You can help Tel-World Ministries with tax deductible donations of merchandise, equipment, vehicles, etc. that you don't use and are taking up space. If you donate these items today, they may be useful to us. If you keep them for another five years, they may be obsolete and have no value to anyone.

Donations can also benefit you because their value can be deducted for income tax purposes. Tel-World Ministries will furnish you with a tax exemption letter. We do not set a value on donated merchandise, that's up to you or your accountant to determine a fair market value for your donation; because occasionally the IRS will inquire about how you determined the donation's value.

The type of donated merchandise, equipment, vehicles, etc. can be almost any item. We can surely use video equipment and vehicles. Sometimes we can re-sell real estate and use those funds to acquire the items that are not donated.


Please Help Out With Your Tax Deductable
Cash or Merchandise Donation

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